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Création Nature
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Création nature

Creation Nature

Creation Nature has been working in partnerships with Kenyan workshops since 1995. This partnership is based on the idea that development should be shared and built on long-lasting relationship and mutual trust.
It is in line with a processes of sustainable and fair development. Our presence in Kenya allows us to be available to the craftmen , to space and adjust their orders, to be more efficient in the production of models and quality consistency.

We have chosen

- to collaborate directly with craftmen or workshops with a will to quality consistency and profit margin improvement for craftmen.
- To pre-finance a part of our orders for our partners
- to give greater place to small structures and long-lasting relationships. Some collaborations have been existing for 15 years. Long-lasting relationships allow for a mutual understanding which encourages quality and creativity.
- To care about working conditions and security rules.

We have created a "box" endowed twice a year with funds shared between the workshops, as cash donations to improve workshop working.
We may grant small loans.

Creation Nature offers jewels, soapstone, pots, calabash lines, banana fiber, wooden or metal articles.

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Création Nature, 237 rue du 2 septembre 1944, 07340 Limony, France.
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